Maulana Sheikh NazimYou have to fulfill everyone's right...and the one who has rights on us
before all is Allah Almighty

You have to fulfill everyone's right...and the one who has rights on us before all is Allah Almighty. Our biggest duty is towards Allah...
History, Ilm ul tarih, is important, because it contains teaching and
lessons for mankind. We are learning from the Holy Quran, because it
contains the story of past nations as a summary. And the Holy Prophet gave
the details.
The Quran is called Umm ul Kitab- the mother of books, because millions of
books were inspired by the Quran. The Quran is like the ocean, and what we
have from knowledge out of it is like a drop from that ocean. Who could be
able to write a book nowadays that would fill libraries with the knowlege it
contains? The Quran is the mother of books- everyone can draw something out
of it, because it is the Word of Allah. And it needs no other proof. And
every letter in it has a minimum of 24.000 meanings. If the holy ones would
not getting at least so many meanings, their heart would explode.
I was reading a book, nutkun, about 3oo-4oo pages, in 36 hours. It is taken
from the Dar ul Khilafa in Istanbul.
It makes the mind to work and gives light. But no one can read it anymore,
because they changed the language from the original one to an imitated one,
unreal one...
The electric power is working in the whole world. 2oo years ago Allah gave
the permission to an Israeli to make this invention, because it was Allah's
Will to fulfill the signs of the end of time. Therefore that knowledge was
opened to man and fasad began. Nothings functions anymore without the power
of electricity. And all nations had a spiritual power, energy, but now it is
only working for Muslims. We have spiritual power in Islam. Other religions
are out of date since the arrival of the last prophet. And the Jews are
ennemy to Islam, but no technology can do anything against Islam. And the
Christians are more stupid in their jealousy towards the Prophet. So many
times he called them to accept Islam, but they wouldn't let go of their
Prophet Jesus and still they try to missionate the world for Christianity to
become the world religion n this century... As the Jews their heads are like squares,
the Christians represent stupidity and their heads are empty. Everywhere they put pictures or statues of Jesus and
Maria, and show Jesus on the cross. Only here in Cyprus they knew people
wouldn't accept an almost naked prophet on a cross to be worshipped. So they
dressed him clothes and put a crown on his head and gave him a stick and
Maria also got a crown on her head. They put majestic pictures so that
people would worship them...And they say one is three and three is one- who
can believe and whose mind can accpet something like this?! But people don't
think anymore...And the Jews are closer to the Christians than to the
Muslims. That is the fault of the Muslims, not of Islam, because people look
to us Muslims now, not to the source of Islam. Jesus and Maria ate food,
Allah says in the Quran. What does it mean? It means that they also had to
go to the toilet. How can they be gods?!
Rome and Istanbul will be opened for Islam, the Adhan will be called
there...There were other Nimrods before who were destroyed, like the one who
was eaten by a mosquito...But people don't know...And the Wahabis will
disappear. I am asking: ,I want to destroy Batil and the Sultanate of
Shaitan. Oh Allah, send us Your servant who will unroll the flag of Islam!'
Lefke - 05.12.2001
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