Maulana Sheikh NazimYOU MUST BE MUSLIM

Fa’lem annahu: La ilaha ill-Allah... (Sheikh is making a short Dhikr)... La
ilaha ill-Allah... La ilaha ill-Allah... Sayyidina wa Nabiyina wa Maulana
Muhammadun Rasulullah salla-llahu alayhi wa salim... wa sharafa wa makarram, wa
majalla wa maazzam wa mujalla wa jamman (?)...

Allahumma, zid Habibika ‘izzan wa sharafa, wa nuran wa surura, wa ridwan wa

Meded, ya Rijalallah! O holy ones, we are asking your support! You are
supporting Heavens. Without your supporting, Heavens coming on, falling on

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim... our Lord we are running to You from
Shaitan and Shaitan’s tricks and traps, not to fall in any trap, because it is
putting everywhere its traps.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Big honour, endless honour you are going to be
dressed, when you are saying: ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’! Kings’ and Emperors’
dressing it is going (to be as) a dressing of (a) worker through sewages! Allah
Almighty (is) dressing you; when you are saying: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim”,
just you have been dressed (the) dress of being His servant! You are signing
that: “I am (a) servant of Heavens”, when you are saying: “Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim.” Who is not saying ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’, he is signing himself
that: “I am belonging (to the) sewage! I am not belonging to Heavens, I am
belonging to (the) sewages that rats (are) running in it...“ Who is not saying:
‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’, he is saying: “I am that one through channels,
sewage channel.” People (there) they (are) never seeing lights through that
channel, they (are) never smelling good things, only dirty things. Therefore
these people (are) going to be taken away; they can’t enter the holy Level of
Heavens! (They are) just kicked down!

Therefore, o people, say ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim’! That is the sign of being
Muslim, the sign that you are belonging to heavenly Service on earth!
May Allah forgive us! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘ Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!
O our Lord, keep our feet on Your right Way! (The) right way (leads) towards
Heavens, (the) wrong way towards Hells! Right steps (lead) to Heavens and
heavenly Lightening Areas, wrong steps (are) taking you to shaitanic channels!
That sewages, there (is) every kind of dirtiness (in it)!
O people come and listen, come and surrender!

Some people (are) coming and saying (to me): “O Sheikh, we are asking to go to
Heavens, but... we like to be Naqshibandi or to be on the steps of Heavens,
(but) without becoming Muslim.” “Who (is) teaching (you that)? Who (is)
teaching you that foolishness? That dirty words, who (is) teaching you? Without
Islam, how you are asking to reach to Heavens? Which Prophet (was) saying that
he is not Muslim? Any Prophet (was) saying: “I am not (a) Muslim”? Without
saying: “I am Muslim”, how they are going to be Prophets, how they can be
Messengers of Heavens? How they can be enlightening people, without becoming

What is (a) Muslim?

They (are) never asking: “What does it mean?”, only they are allergic. That word
(is making) allergy for them; (they are) saying: “Muslim? I can’t!” Go to Hells!
Without accepting Islam, how you are going to Heavens, how you can be able to
enter Paradise?

They (are) never asking: “What does it mean?” But the word that Shaitan (is)
working on it, never (they are) going to be happy. “I can be Muslim?” Yes, you
must be Muslim! If you are Christian- Jesus Christ was Muslim! Haha! Pope- he is
(a) Muslim? If not, he can’t reach to Jesus Christ! Hakam Bashi...Chief Rabbi,
if he is not Muslim, (he) can’t enter Paradise, no, (it is) forbidden! “Stop!
Checkpoint!”... (They are) asking (for the) identity card... “Muslim?... Pass,
go!”... “No Muslim?... Take, get back, go away!”... Huuu!...
They (are) never asking: “What does it mean ‘Muslim’?” ‘Muslim’ means
(someone,) who (is) surrendering to Heavens! “ ‘Aslamtu’, just I am giving my
own will for the heavenly Peoples’ Orders. (There is) no any will for me without
their wills! I am trying to be like them!” If you are trying to be like them,
you must be, you must give your willpower, you must leave your willpower and you
should be like them and you may pass! If not, no!

From where coming to your country democracy? You are Pakistani? Allah (is)
sending democracy or Allah (is) sending (the) Holy Quran, (the) Holy Shariat?
Where is your Ulema, learnt people? What is that foolishness? As well as Turks
also, they are (saying): “Democracy, democracy...!”... (It is) like milk...
(cream?) beautiful... People (are) making (it on bread), spreading
(it)...putting on it first butter, then putting honey...(delicious!)... Now for
people democracy (is delicious) like this... Therefore (they are) eating

Allah (is) saying: “O My Beloved one! If they are getting to be against My Holy
Orders from Heavens, I making them to be enemies to each other! And they should
eat each other; they should kill each other, (there should be) no peace for them
and no ‘amna aman’!” That means, it is forbidden for them to live peacefully;
(there is) no peace for them, always they should kill each other, giving each
other (harm), harming each other. They should say: “That is the best way!”
Congratulations, Pakistan people, democracy for you! And Turks- congratulations!
Americans- congratulations! Iraq- congratulations! Iran- that they are claiming
that they are Muslims (and they are) making democracy- congratulations! That you
are going to Hells!

A group of people they are selling democracy for nations, but they (themselves)
are not democrats! There is one nation that they (are) never saying: “We are
democrats”, but they are saying to people: “Come and take this poisoned food!
Eat, you should find so happiness and pleasure through yourself!”

As Shaitan (was) advising to S.Adam and Eve, saying: “Eat from this tree, you
should be so happy! Without eating this, you can’t be reaching to the top of
your (pleasure)...(It) can’t be complete, your pleasure, if you are not eating
from this! Eat and (it) should complete, (it is) going to be complete your
pleasure in Paradise!”

And they (were) eating and quickly Archangel Gibril (was) taking the crown from
the head of S.Adam and Archangel Mikhail (was) coming and taking this holy Robe,
(the) glorious Robe. Taking and (they were) going to be like new fashion people
that they are running to be naked... They are so regretting that: “Why we are
not like animals? Animals, no anything for them- for what we are dressing? We
must try to be like zoo-garden people that they are our ancestors!”... Gorilla
or chimpanzee or Orang-Utan... Malaysian people, where are you? You have
Orang-Utan? Eh... (The) Orang-Utan (is) looking like this... who (is) coming, to
jump on him... “Why we are not like animals, naked?” They are trying to be like
animals; they never like to be put any dress (on them)! And dress of Honour,
Allah (was) dressing Adam a.s. and his wife. When he is getting to be
disobedient, (it was) taken away and they are looking, looking to themselves:
“(Oh, we are) so ugly!”

Dressing (is) giving to people identity. If without dressings, how should be
those people? So dirty, so ugly!
What we are saying...(The) heavenly Dress (is) covering you. (The) heavenly
Dress (is) covering your shame, but people (are) running after democracy,
saying: “Democracy (is) giving us a full freedom! Therefore we are trying to be
like animals, to do everything and we are not ashaming. We are saying just we
reached the top of civilization!”

O people, surrender (to the) holy Commands of Allah Almighty that He grants you,
dressing you (a) dress of Honour and crowning you also (with the) crown of being
like Kings through (the) whole world, through other creatures!

But Shaitan (is) making people not to ashame and not to think and not to accept
any good thing that (is) coming from Heavens. Everything (that is) coming from
Heavens that is most perfect! Everything now that... people are not accepting
heavenly Customs, they are dressing (a) dress of ugliness, (the) dress of
Shaitans. And now- therefore I am saying- Pakistan, Turkistan, Ajemistan,
Afghanistan, Hindistan, Arabistan they are eating themselves... That is their
civilisation! Allah Almighty (is) giving them honour and sending them heavenly
Orders to continue their honours. When they are leaving (that), they are going
to be (the) worst creatures on earth!

May Allah forgive us! O people, come and accept Islam, that means: To surrender
to your Lord Allah Almighty!“O My Beloved one, most beloved one, o My most glorified,
glorious servant! Ifthey are not listening (to) My heavenly Orders and running after their most
dangerous enemy Shaitan, Sadanas, I am making them to be enemies to each other,
to kill each other and (there should be) no safety for their lives and no
pleasure for their lives and no peace for their lives!” And now we are in it!
We are saying: “Democracy (is the) best” and (we are) leaving (the) holy
Shariatullah, (the) holy Commands of Heavens and people now (are) killing
themselves, and making every dirty thing and (be)coming more ugly, more
dangerous ones! Who (is) ordering to a person to put (a bomb) on their stomach
and to make (it) to explode? Who is saying (this)? Which Prophet said (this) to
them? Jesus Christ said (this)? S.Musa said (this)? Rasulullah -alayhi salat wa
salam- said (this)? Abraham is saying (this)? Noah (is) saying: “Kill yourself!
Put something and kill yourself and others!”? What is that foolishness? That is
from heavenly Teachings or shaitanic teachings?

Sorry and sorrow for mankind that they are on (the) wrong way! Therefore from 5
people one (is) going to live, 4 (are) going to die... (People are) killing
themselves... That is... The last and most terrible War should be that it is
mentioned in Islamic books (as) ‘Melhametu-l Kubra’, as well as it was mentioned
through other holy Books before Islam (as) ‘Armageddon’. Armageddon (is) coming
and killing... from every 5 people (it is) killing 4, remaining one. ..
Therefore, o people, come to Allah! Run to His Prophets, to take you to Allah,
to your Creator! Give your Creator (your) most high respect! As much as you can
do, do it- you should be in safety and under divinely Shelter! If not, you
know... you know...!

May Allah forgive us and send us quickly a heavenly identity Person to carry
away people from falling into (the) worst position here and Hereafter! Amin!
Wa salamun ‘ala-l mursalin, hususan ‘ala-l Sayyidi-l mursalin! Wa-l hamdu
li-llahi Rabbi-l ‘Alamin! Wa salamu alaikum! Fatiha... Oh, ya Rabbi!...
Allahuma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamarra layali wa tula dawam... Fatiha!

Lefke, 23.9.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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