Maulana Sheikh NazimYou must be powerful for Islam
May Allah bless you and give you strong Iman and powerful actions, so that you are powerful members of Islam. This is important, as the Holy Prophet sws was saying: “A powerful person in Islam is better than a weak person.”... Audhu bi’llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... We are in need of powerful Muslims, not weak Muslims. If we are powerful then Shaitan should run away, because he fears from powerful people in Islam. And there are two kinds of powerful people: according to their belief, and according to their physical body. So many physically powerful people fall down quickly and never give any benefit to Islam. And sometimes you may see a weak person, but he is powerful in his faith, not in his physical body.
Power comes from the Heavens, and Heavens grant you as much power from the Power Oceans as you need. Spirituality is much more powerful than your physical body. The physical being has a temporary existence and you may ask: “How old are you?” But for the spiritual being no one can speak about it, or ask how old it is, no. No one knows the age of our souls except the One who created them.
To be powerful is an order from the Saints, and particularly from Rasulu’llah sws. They are asking for powerful Muslims, and the most powerful Muslim is the one who can catch the reigns of his ego. Who is not able to keep the reigns of his ego, his ego will throw him away.
Therefore every association gives a kind of power to the attenders- whether they know it or not. That power is running, but you can’t see it and you can’t hear it. Allah, the Creator; Allah, the Great One- supreme Power Oceans are for Him, and eternity is for Him! Everything is coming from Allah into existence, from pre-eternity up to endless eternity... Allah Almighty... No part of this life, no piece of material can make His power less...
You must ask for much more power from Allah Almighty to be strong believers, Mu’mins. It is important to be powerful. But don’t try to be strong by eating and drinking- cows and oxen are much more powerful than you! If you want to plough, you need ten people on the right hand and ten people on the left to carry the plough through your land...
Another point is to keep the power that you have been granted. A power from Allah Almighty may reach you and you become powerful, but for some reason you may lose it. And this means there is something wrong on your side, something wrong in the sight of the Divine Presence of Allah. And then even the smallest one of His creatures will make your power under zero... Keep yourself with power!
It is not easy, because Shaitan is always attacking you in order to make you weak in front of your ego. Don’t listen to Kafir Shaitans- they may carry you to a bad place, and all your power may be taken in one or two minutes, and you will be left with nothing.
Therefore sometimes doctors put a patient who is in a very dangerous situation in a room by himself. He may be very ill and weak. If someone comes in without permission he may catch what that person is carrying.
Therefore always keep yourself strongly, so that Shaitan and shaitanic orders can’t affect you, and you should be free... May Allah bless you... You are coming to me from the furthest place on earth, Argentina. Even Australia is not so far, and Allah rewards you for every step, with so many rewards in Paradise. And for your honour, because you have been on Hajj visiting the House of the Lord, Allah rewards you double from born Muslims. And also because you have been here in this holy month, Muharram, He will reward you with much more, and will open for you the doors of Islam. If you can call, ten, one hundred, or thousands and tousands of people may run after you...
Keep yourself from Shaitan, be careful of his traps or tricks, so that you don’t fall in them. If you feel that you have been caught by Shaitan, quickly take a shower and pray 2 Rakaats. Ask Allah Almighty for much more power, so that those black and narrow, terrible and nonsense thoughts, coming to your heart, should be taken away from you. Then that bad situation will leave you, and you may continue on your way to Allah Almighty. If anyone asks you what you are doing, you may say: “We are travellers to Allah Almighty’s Divine Presence.”... Hasbi Allahu wa niamal Wakil, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi’llahi’l ‘Aliyu’l ‘Azim.

- 01.04.1999
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