Our way is the way of association, said Shah ul Naqshband, may Allah bless him. For his honour we are being blessed. Holy ones like him are true and trustworthy ones. Allah Almighty promised his beloved servant Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be on him, that until the end of the world, until the last days, there would be within His Nation such true ones. Even if the amount would not be more than the numbers of fingers on your hand, they would be there. That is, so that people will not become hopeless. True ones are good ones, they are trustworthy people, they are holy. So if anyone needs help, they can ask and they will find. Even if they don't have an adress like Harley Street or St Ann's road, they can be everywhere. They do not need passports. They don't need tavelling documents. They don't need to pass borders. They do not have to be recorded in computers. They do not need visas. They are free. The whole world is under their hegemony, it is the territory of Allah Almighty and they are servants of Him. So they may move on earth as they like, but they like what Allah likes. They do not have any likes or dislikes. Whatever Allah Almighty likes, they like. Whatever Allah Almighty doesn't like, they also don't like. They are true servants who are happy with the Will of their Lord. They never claim any desire or any will infront of the Will of their Lord. They are with Allah like you are with your own shadow: moving after you and never leaving you and never moving except if you do. So they do not need a special adress, because it could be difficult to reach that adress, but it is so easy for them to reach someone who is asking for a quick help. If they have been called by a needy voice, "Oh, my Lord's servant, save me, save me and protect me!", they will reach to that person before a second. People like that will always be on earth until the end of time. When you are in need and your hope is cut off from everything and everyone, you may call them and they will reach you. If that person is really a good servant, or if he is a candidate to be a good servant and he really needs help, he will reach him. We ask for some of their spiritual powers to reach us.
It is not important what I am speaking to you, it is only a means to keep you here. If I wasn't speaking to you, you would not be here and I know that very few people will keep any of my advice to force their ego and to keep it well. But it is important to keep you here and to call the Heavenly Powers to reach this community. The Heavenly Help of these people comes through their eyes. When they look at our meeting it helps and supports us and gives us much more opportunity to worship, love of worshipping, love of holy ones, love for the Prophet, may peace be with him, love of Paradise, love of eternal life, love of Prophets and love of good-ones. It makes us to love goodness and to be with good ones. It makes us to think of good things. It makes us to prefer to worship our Lord. It gives us honour by being servants of our Creator, Allah Almighty.
That is why we are coming here. Our souls are thirsty, so we are coming. We hope that Allah Almighty will give us refreshment and blessings and that you may forget the heavy burdens and you can keep your hope and not be hopeless. To be hopless means to be an unbeliever, because it means that you do not believe in eternal life. Like that you have to be hopeless from the beginning and then from day to day that darkness covers their heart and they will become more sorrowful and painful and full of suffering. Because the darkness will become thicker from day to day and they lose their hope concerning this life as they see death approaching. So they fall into an endless Ocean of Suffering. That is a punishment because they do not believe.
The hope of whoever believes will grow from day to day. With this the pleasure will grow and from day to day you will feel that you are coming closer to eternal life. You will feel that this temporary life is finshing and that you are coming closer to the eternal life. So that will make you much happier and full of hope. The refreshment of the eternal life will come into your face and into your heart. You will not become sad from day to day and to think of bad things and of how you should be able to save yourself from the suffering, sometimes even to ask to kill yourself.
You see, a hopeless person like that cannot even carry a young one. Once they lose their hope for living, they will try to take away themselves quickly. But it will not finish. So unbelievers fall more and more into darkness, hopelessness, sufferings from day to day. And they will lose the real taste of life more and more. They might be eating, but they do not enjoy it. They drink, but they do not enjoy it. Everything has become a routine: eating, drinking, dancing, but there is no taste. Because taste is a grant from Allah Almighty to his servants, but not to unbelievers. They may eat the most delicious food and they may drink as they like and have excellent cars, private trains, private planes, castles, palaces, yachts, everything! But the taste to enjoy comes from Allah alone, not from yachts or gold or jewels or ranks or Rolls Royce or limousines. These people actually think that limousines give taste to their lives!
Allah Almighty has taken that taste away from the unbelievers. Even if they have made it into their routine to have everything firstclass, they do not have the real taste of life. It has been taken away from the unbelievers. Because the taste of life is a grant fom Allah Almighty to his servants. In Sri Lanka so many people only have a piece of cloth around them, no shoes, only dry rice as food and they sleep infront of buildings on the ground. But they are tasting this life with pleasure. They are happy with their lives. But so many people living in palaces with everything under their command without believing in their Lord or without taking care of their Lord's worshipping, are being punished by their Lord: the taste of happiness has been taken away from them.
Allah Almighty gave the description of the faces of those who are believers in the Holy Quran: they will be smooth, not like the Germans never smiling, like the English! It will be clear in their faces. If you look at their faces, it will be clear that they are happy, very happy. Their faces will express, "I am happy with my Lord! He granted me a taste of this life as a beginning of the endless taste of eternal life." A life with a frowing face is difficult. May Allah grant us a face that shows that the owner is happy with the Lord and the Lord is happy with the owner.
London - 01.03.1994
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